Good-bye from 1DB 16-17

Its nearly the END – 11 June 2016

Can you believe it?  We are in our last week of school!

Inventors and Innovators of 1DB were at work this week:

And then.. we finally showed our Inventions!

A few inventors are taking their time to complete their innovations and will finish them on Monday.

The room has started to look bare… and our work is being packed up!¬† We finished our inventions and now will present them to our class..


Fractions are becoming easier… and the kids are really working towards understanding that fractions are equal parts of a whole.


We have also explored position and directional language.  WE used a grid on our classroom floor to show the co-ordinates and instructed our friends which way to move.  This is coding.. as we have done using Information Technology devices.  We are now working on our Treasure maps for our End of year Party.


End of year party

On Thursday Grade One students will enjoy a party together to celebrate our wonderful Grade One journey. We will play some games together before we have some party food. Please send in some nut free food with your children, so we can share it together before snack on Thursday. We would like to share some healthy snacks, and perhaps some treats as well.

End of Year Concert

Our Concert Rehearsals are in full swing.. WE hope to see you at our Elementary End of Year Concert on Wednesday 11am in the Theatre.  Our Class End of year Party will be on Thursday morning and we would really appreciate if you can send a small container of healthy snacks to share with all the Grade Ones.


Monday 12th – please send in costume for concert dress rehearsal
Tuesday 13th – Dress Rehearsal
Wednesday 14th – End of year concert in the theatre 11:00am
Thursday 15th – Grade One end of year party
Thursday 15th – last day of Grade One! (school finishes at 12pm)

A Short but Amazing week – 2 June


Well we only had three days but we packed a whole lot into it including a Children’s Day that became Teacher Appreciation Day combined and inventing and innovating galore. ¬†The Summer weather is definitely here and we have less than 2 weeks remaining in Grade One. ¬†How did our year pass so quickly? ¬†Here’s what our week held in store for us over the past week.


Do you have a problem ?  Would you like some innovative, idea-filled Grade Ones to help you solve it?  Thats how the week went around here and with lots of ideas for design, some problems and issues to resolve and work on, the Grade Ones made their way back into the Make-a-Space to put their plans into action. The outcomes are very interesting indeed.

Interesting Inventions

Ms Petra brought use some interesting looking implements from the kitchen… WE took them out of the bag and had some wild and crazy predictions about what they were!!!

The Time Machine

When we went to the Maker Space, we had to use the amazing Time Machine to travel back in time to bring the inventions that we know and use each day!   These students brought us some inventions from Modern day!

Inventor, Inventor…. I have a problem!!! ¬†

Grade 1DB played this role play game that Mrs Bell learnt over a weekend workshop where we had to improvise in pairs to think and say a solution invention to a problem that our partner had:  The game was so much fun and we found lots of student with innovative ideas..  Here are the photos:


Moving Cars 

Working in Groups we used materials to make a balloon wind-driven moving car.. Then after planning, making and testing, we ventured to the Gym to test them out and explain the processes we went through as a group.  Working together is full of learning, so not only was the challenge of constructing the car all about learning, but also communicating as a team.




Our non-fiction writing is being extended as we explain a problem, form and function of inventions including our own while also referring to change that it made over time and to us in our daily life.  This informational writing will inform others about inventions we have identified and help us to explain our own inventions to our audience.



Fractions are the best real life math especially when you need to divide food equally amongst more than one person . We started with a whole and made it into even parts.  We know many different fraction names and what this means now. Try it out at home by asking your children to divide your food, items equally amongst the family.

Martin’s Birthday DonutCake

IMG_3894 How can we divide 4 donuts amongst 14 students and two teachers?  16 pieces?  Is that possible? What are the fractions involved?  These are the real life problems that make Math learning fun!  Oh.. and Happy Birthday Martin!


We used some play dough and counters to show how to divide a groups amongst different numbers too.  We are definitely seeing how dividing is linked to multiplying as we  see that the number of groups in a number can also be shown as a family of facts  i.e.: if 3 groups of 4 is equal to 12 then 12 divided between 3 will be 4.  Using arrays has also helped us to see that groups can be rows, sets, bundles, lines and lots of other ways to show groups in an array. This is the best way to understand multiplication with a picture in our mind and using concrete materials so that those multiplication facts become conceptually understood rather than rote learning.  See some photos here of our making groups and dividing.

We also started to focus on positional language and recognized the link between this concept and coding which is fast becoming an essential skill for the future. The ability to give directions is very important so we used a grid this week to give directions to reach different places and find where different shapes and objects were placed.  Can you give directions to show where something is?  What words like:  forwards, backwards, horizontally, vertically, left, right, beside, behind, straight and around do you hear and where?


Please excuse Mrs Bell’s lack of posts lately. Mrs Bell has been sick ( all long weekend and a bit ). The photos don’t seem to upload so easily at the moment… Some photos are still missing! ¬†

Melina came back.. What a big surprise when Melina came back to 1DB last Friday.. We were so excited.. The students in 1DB were so endearing as they welcomed back a friend that we have missed over the past few months! We are so happy you came back Melina!

IMG_3657 IMG_3655


What do  you need to do in the weeks ahead?

Next week the Grade 9s will have a little sale . Please send some money on Wednesday 7 June as explained in the email below:

Dear Parents,
During their Business and Ethics unit, G9 Humanities students have been busy creating product ideas and working in teams to turn these ideas into high quality products. On Wednesday, 7 June, the SSIS community will have a chance to buy the students’ products at the annual Product Sale. The G9 students will sell their products from stalls located in the foyer for 10:30am to 2:05pm. Products will include crafts, stickers, snacks and drinks, and product prices will typically be less than 10 RMB. There will be no products containing nuts or caffeine for sale. 
A portion of the profit generated from the Product Sale will be used to buy prizes for the students with the most successful products. The remainder of the profit will be donated to SSIS-designated charities.
Elementary students will have the opportunity to buy the products during the snack and lunch break.  If you would like to support this then please send some money to school with your child on the 7th June.

SSIS Elementary Concert comes to you from the fine work our our Music Department this year on Wednesday 14 June at 11.00am in the Theatre.  Come along to enjoy the entertainment and celebrate the amazing year that was!  Please can you prepare a colorful shirt and trousers/skirt to send to school on the Monday so that we may wear it for our Dress Rehearsal on Tuesday and then again on the Wednesday.  More reminders to come about this!

Thursday 15 June is Free Dress Day and only half a day! Holidays begin!


SSIS International Family Day

Here are some snaps from Mrs Bell’s favorite day of the year.. I didn’t see everyone but I did take photos of all our countries and more…. ¬†Please excuse that we don’t have a weekly post this week.. ¬†I will post about last week in the coming few days. Until then.. Here is International Family Day!!!

Weekly News – 12 May

Happy Mothers Day for yesterday.  I always get a little confused at who celebrates this special date but why not celebrate it anyway.. Being mother is one of the most rewarding joyous roles in the world.  Hope you enjoyed your day!!

We are on the countdown to the end of the year.. Only five weeks left in Grade One..


We are loving our new Where We Are In Place And Time Unit. Our Central Idea is ‚ÄėInventions change the way we live‚Äô. During this unit we will be exploring how inventions have altered through the years and what impact these inventions have on both humans and the environment.

Our ‚ÄėTuning In‚Äô activity caused great excitement as a time machine appeared in the Maker Space Room. Waiting to greet us was Professor Von Glockensproken who had created it. The Professor explained to us how she had invented the time machine and why. She then took us on a journey back in time where we saw people from as far back as 1831! One lady was scrubbing clothes over an old bowl, another was struggling to carry a very heavy suitcase, a third lady was trying to read by candle light and the last lady was talking on a very large, incredibly heavy phone. This phone was connected to a wire and she couldn‚Äôt move from where it was plugged in!

Unfortunately Professor Von Glockensproken had not pressed the buttons for ‚Äėspeak in the past‚Äô and ‚Äėhear in the past‚Äô so we were not able to talk to the ladies and find out what life was like for them.

We decided that the ladies looked like they were really working hard, but we thought reading by candle light, washing clothes in a bowl, carrying our cases and not being able to move when we spoke to our friends was not a good idea so the Professor set the time machine to bring us back to 2017 where we met four more ladies showing us a washing machine, a mobile telephone, an electric light bulb and a suitcase that could be pulled on wheels. Luckily this time Professor Von Glockensproken remembered to press the speech and hearing buttons and we were able to talk to the ladies. All of them claimed to have the greatest invention ever invented!

Once back in our classrooms we were able to discuss what life would have been like many years ago when people didn’t have some of the inventions that we now take for granted.

During the week we have investigated these four inventions in more detail. We have found out who invented each object and when. Did you know that it was only in the late 1970s (just over 40 years ago) when wheels were put on cases! We have made timelines to show how the inventions have altered and started to make a book of different inventions. We will continue with this next week.


We finished our best narrative ever this week.  We wanted to show our teacher next year the best story we could possibly write to make sure we include all those features and elements that an engaging story needs.  Here are our front covers and we will post a film of us reading it on our individual blogs.  The stories are amazing!!   Mrs Bell was telling Mr Bell how superb they are so her asked if we can go and share them with his class!!   Wow!   We are amazing authors of storybooks now after we were super authors of Non-fiction Information books.

We are going to take them to teach the Grade 3s this week!   Stay tuned for the video of us telling the story on our student blogs.


This week we concluded our work on probability. We made our own probability sentence cards using the words certain, likely, possible, unlikely and impossible. We had lots of fun creating sentences to fit in with each heading. Some of our sentences were very funny – we decided it was impossible that we would see snow in the next week and certain that Mrs Bell would be proud of us!

We have also been working on addition and subtraction skills by finding ways to solve equations in our head. These methods include making 10 and adding the extra (e.g. 7 + 6 = 7+3=10+3=16) and solving near doubles (e.g. 3+4 is similar to double 3 (6) + 1 = 7). We are also trying to explain how we solve problems.

Harmony Day

Today we had a lovely day celebrating our diversities and similarities. We decided that even though we come from different countries, have different hair colours, eye colours and skin colours we are all great friends are love being a class! We have begun to make a display to show how we are all unique but together we make a team!
We enjoyed singing ‚Äėone song‚Äô during the afternoon assembly and loved the fashion show!


Library is Friday- please ensure that your child brings their book back each Wednesday to change.
Swimming is Thursday  Рplease ensure all items are labelled to avoid getting lost.
Next Friday (19th May) there will be a sale – Temporary Tattoos and cards will be sold!
International Family Day is next Saturday (20th May), we are looking forward to seeing you in your National Costume or something to reflect your home country to further celebrate how truly international SSIS is!

Thanks so much for your ongoing support and please email if you have any questions or feedback.

Mrs Bell ūüôā


A Short and Long, Late but Quick Weekly news – 6 May


We tuned in to a new Unit… Where we are in Place and Time:

Check out these strange characters from the past and present time with their inventions that we use everyday.. Dr Von Glockensprocken certainly had us wondering about how inventions help us, change over time and how they are invented in the first place.

IMG_0875From NOW¬†IMG_0874¬†From the Past¬†IMG_0876The Doctor? ¬†What a strange knowledgeable man he was… He said he invented a Time Machine.. and it really worked!!!! ¬† Ask your children all about it!!! ¬†The film of the experience will also come out soon!!!

We completed our Unit as story tellers and were so excited to perform for a number of different audiences including Lunch time where we ¬†entertained the students in the Garden playground. ¬†What a wonderful week it was…

So… Mrs Bell… the executive producer and editor of the film footage is working tirelessly to enable you to view these amazing stories… however… You will have to wait a few days more…

Here are some photos in the meantime…

In the mean time, here we are reflecting on the perspectives of the characters in the story “The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne. The students worked on some very deep themes of sibling rivalry and love in this task. ¬†Here we are showing our amazing perspectives which we put into our Portfolios.

 IMG_3152 2 IMG_3153 2 IMG_3155 2IMG_3156 2  IMG_3158 2 IMG_3154 IMG_3151 2

Here are some important dates coming up:

Harmony Day:

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 8.03.28 PM

Harmony Day Poster

Help to raise money to sponsor a child to go to School who can’t afford to attend schools by support our Lunch time stalls:

This Friday 12 May:  Brownies and Cookies sale

Next Friday 19 May:  Tattoos and Cards sale




Parent workshop by Ms Emma Barnes next Thursday 16 May 8.30 Р10.30am   Embracing Transitions Together


Thank you so much for attending our Student Led Conferences. ¬†We were very proud to show you how much we have learnt over the year but mostly just to show you how confident we are to share our knowledge and thinking. ¬†Thank you and stay tuned this week for further exciting news…

Enjoy a wonderful week and thank you for your ongoing support.

Mrs Bell:)




Weekly News – 28 April 2017

The end of April?? ¬†– No way! ¬†The final Unit for Grade One starts this week – How could it be? ¬†Yes…. Our last Unit of Grade Ones begins in this coming week on Thursday… ¬†but we can’t go by without mentioning what amazing engaging storytellers in Grade One, this Unit has revealed! ¬† In four days, ¬†we finalized our planning, gathered our props and resources, ¬† practiced, received feedback, changed, modified, improved our story where we could… ¬†and started to PERFORM! ¬† ¬†Puppets of every type, Drama, Information Communication Technology (ICT) using creative i-pad apps like Green Screen, Book Creator and Puppet Pals and the stories that we chose came alive! ¬† Stay tuned for our videos and be prepared to be amazed!


As Authors we know that stories or narratives have a purpose to ENTERTAIN our audience.  We took this a step further in the past weeks to retell the  stories of other authors to ENGAGE our audience with elements such as Actions: body language and movement, Facial Expression,  Voice: expression and change, Sound Effects; use of instruments and sounds (onomatopoeia) to enhance to story,  Props like costumes, face paint, puppets, visuals and other story telling additions to make stories more interesting.


We found out that we need to practice or rehearse a lot!  We can make our story better by asking others for feedback.  We need to think about the AUDIENCE and the best ways to ENGAGE them.

What a great Unit to show the hidden talents and strengths of our students in oral story telling, use of technology, drama and their love of stories! ¬†We will complete this unit in the beginning of next week… ¬†Thank you for being such a support to our students and Keep Reading with your Children!!!


We are becoming very speedy rapid number fact knowledgeable students as we use the strategies of addition and start to apply these to subtraction.  We surely are getting very strategic in our recall of ways to understand that tricky number facts like

9 + 6 ¬†use the ‘make a ten strategy ‘ so that ¬†9 + 1 +5 = ¬† 10 + 5 = 15 ¬† ¬† or

7 + 8 is a near double because 7 + 7 = 14 so 7 + 7 + 1 = ¬†14 + 1 = 15…. ¬†these are Thinking strategies that can help us with many other addition and subtraction to 100 and beyond …

Also.. you may have heard your child asking you about the probability of some event occurring?   We have had so much fun this week working out if the probability of things are   maybe  = possible   or either way on the probability continua.

Definitely will happen                Maybe will happen                        Definitely will not happen

CERTAIN                                   POSSIBLE                                    IMPOSSIBLE

The students love to predict events which will show these and this week we had fun working out what our perspective was…. our best one was;

“Will you see IRON MAN tonight?”… ¬† everyone except Lucas L said ¬† IMPOSSIBLE ¬†but ¬† ¬†Lucas L said it was ¬† POSSIBLE…. “How?” ¬†I asked…. ¬†“Because some nights I dream of Iron Man”….. ¬† ¬† the best explanation I have ever heard yet for meeting a Super Hero!!!!!


Upcoming Events:

Next Week:  Student Led Conferences 6 May:   Please Wear School Uniforms  РCome and teach your family like they are in Grade One!

Grade 5 Exhibition: ¬†5 & 6 May:¬† Please come and see what the years of learning and ACTION in the Primary Years leads to ….


Click here to see the flyer!  PYP Exhibition(1)-1       Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.22.53 PM

We need your help:

Our Basket is empty! ¬†The International Family Day asks each Homeroom to provide a prize basket to be won by a lucky competitor in the maths competition but our KIDS COOL COLLECTION is empty !!!! ¬† Anything cool for Kids is appreciated! ¬†Lets make our basket really COOL for KIDS… ¬†books, games, fun stuff, stationery, craft… Anything that kids love to use.. Please help…….

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.27.06 PMLetter IFD HR Basekts 2017

Enjoy a wonderful LONG WEEKEND with loved ones!

Thank you from your Grade One Team.






Weekly News – 21 April 2017

Another action packed week in 1DB – it is hard to believe we are almost at the end of April!
Literacy and UOI
We have continued to write our stories ready to perform next week to our special visitors. We will be retelling popular traditional tales in an engaging way. Some of the children have chosen to do this through puppets or shadow puppets, some through puppet pals and some using green screen technology. We have been focusing on how to make our retelling engaging and interesting to an audience through vocal and facial expressions, colourful illustrations, dramatic puppets and stunning backdrops.
Next week we will focus on creating our performance in order to engage an audience. ¬† We chose ¬†how we can make our stories engaging by ¬†speaking loudly, clearly and slowly. We will also practise ‚Äėacting out‚Äô our stories in order to build our confidence.
During our writing sessions we have focused on creating our own engaging narratives (narrative is another word for a story). ¬†We are also becoming such amazing authors by using exciting words…
onomatopoeia …. just ask the students what these are?? ¬†Words like
SPLASH!    Bing Bong!     Whoosh!     Ha Ha Ha!   We found so many to use and will use them to make our story more engaging!
Also, we used words like ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and ‘said’ all the time but now we know that we can use better words to make the story sound more interesting.
So this week, we chose our story to retell and our audience. ¬†WE all thought that it would be great to have a younger audience but then some people liked that thought of some people who are older! ¬† AND THEN…..
someone had a brilliant idea! ¬† Why don’t we perform at a lunch time? ¬†So… stay tuned.. we will work out where and when in the next two weeks that our stories will come ALIVE!!!!!
 Story Telling from the Czech Republic using Marionette puppets.
On Thursday, we were so lucky to have some real European puppets to tell a traditional tale from the Czech Republic. Ms Petra and Miss Manju were able to bring the characters alive using this wonderful old story telling form.  We were so engaged!!!!
We had a few more storytellers of our own!  IMG_5047 IMG_5042
We are thoroughly enjoying our speed maths where we practise adding numbers together rapidly. This helps with our mental recall and also helps us check our calculations to avoid making simple errors. Some of us have even started speed subtraction! We have been using numbers stories to solve problems.. and   even did some cookie math this week!   We are revising what we know about shapes and ready for some probability..
We are loving our swimming sessions. We are developing our confidence in the water, improving our strokes and having lots of fun at the same time! Swimming is such a great way to get fit and to help us have balanced bodies and minds.  Thanks for reminding the children to bring their swimming gear every Thursday!
          Wheels Day
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Wow! ¬†What a turn out! ¬†What excitement and what great fun!!!! ¬† Yes.. the teachers were a little bit nervous and of course, sometimes we may have a little tumble but that’s what being ACTIVE is all about.. The best message from this Grade 5 Initiative was that we must be safe and WEAR A HELMET… Being out on our Wheels is a great exercising activity… Thank you Grade 5 Exhibition Group for organizing such a cool lunch time activity . ¬†We have been told that we might do it again in May or June.
Here we are on our Wheels!
IMG_5050 They came from far and wide!
 We are super proud Grade One teachers.  And we must say Thank you to our wonderful Music Teachers: Ms Andrea Watson and Ms Susan Barker.  All of the music and songs were learnt in Music and we are very grateful for this wonderful way to tell stories.
It was great to see so many of you this afternoon at our assembly. We loved expressing some of our favourite stories through the medium of song and music. We hope you enjoyed our performance as much as we enjoyed performing it!
Congratulations to our Golden Chair students this week:
IMG_0574 2
Next Friday (28th April) is a pupil free day.
Monday 1st May – labour day – no school.
Saturday 6th May – student led conferences.
Saturday 20th May – International Family Day

Weekly News – 16 April

We had a busy week last week!  We hope you had a wonderful weekend with loved ones!

Well our excited week ended with a Fun Fantastic Fabulous Friday treat… a We-chat video call to the USA. ¬†We were so excited to see Chase again.. We chatted for almost 40 minutes. WE asked questions and told him things, we laughed, we learnt things and most of all we told him that we missed him!


Literacy and UOI

We continue to work with stories and story writing. In 1DB we have spent time this week developing our own story plans and story boards to write an ‘engaging’ story that will entertain an audience using characters, setting, exciting problems and interesting solutions.

 We recognise that our own stories must include a beginning, the middle and the ending.  We know that stories are more engaging when they follow the story mountain.


We asked all children to find their favorite story to ‘retell’ this week like a story teller.. We need to use facial expression, voice, body language and sound effects to engage our audience. ¬†Ji Yu and ¬†Saga engaged us today with ‘Snow White’ and ‘Pinklicious’. ¬†We thought they were 4 star rating storytellers!

IMG_3800 IMG_3793

Story tellers.. We are storytellers! ¬†.. WE love our Make-a-Story space to tell stories in different ways.. we took the story of the ‘Little Red Hen’ ¬†and told it through different media! ¬†You can see how we have grown as storytellers over this Unit.

WE had some great opportunities to explore stories last week in our Unit of Inquiry time.  Ding Ayi read us a Story book in Chinese.  WE loved to hear this story and Ding Ayi is a great Storyteller!

One group explored many different perspectives of the story of Cinderella. ¬†There was a ‘Korean Cinderella’, many different Cinderella versions but most strangely was a book that was called ‘Awful Cinderella’. ¬†Could Cinderella really be so awful? ¬† We decided to find out!

Mrs Bell worked with groups to find out WHO are the people that have a perspective in stories. ¬†We looked at ‘Good’ or ‘Kind’ Characters and ‘Bad/Evil’ Characters. ¬†First we found out that we have different perceptions of these characters… We are the AUDIENCE and we see different characters in different ways. ¬†Then we reflected on the CHARACTERS¬†we had found in books and how they have different perspectives of each other. ¬† Finally, we recognized that AUTHORS¬†have different perspectives which they include in their stories. ¬†There are many PERSPECTIVES shown in stories.



This week we have worked with numbers addition and subtraction. We have had lots of practice adding numbers quickly and using the Make to Ten strategy and Doubles Strategy. If we know our Doubles then, we know big doubles and near doubles.  These all help us to work out mental problems more and more quickly. Ask the children about what these strategies are!

We have realized that Number stories also need to be solved using numbers and we have read ¬†‘The Real Princess, A Mathematical Tale’, ‘Number fables’, ‘And the Doorbell Rang’, and other stories that ask us to work out number problems. ¬†Then we also made our own number problem stories.


9 flowers take away 3 flowers means there will be 6 flowers left.

Some of them got tricky asking us to share cookies with more and more people..   We had to use fractions!!!!

We will continue to work on number, but will begin to work on probability and positional language soon. Please please do check Khan Academy. I have sent the usernames and passwords to you and in the email with this link again. ¬†The children used it at school today to try it out and its very very easy to use and ‘just right’ for math learning.

We have many, many things happening at the moment, and even more exciting things coming up… Please check these reminders!


  • Library and swimming every Thursday
  • Grade 1 Assembly: Friday 21st April, 1:40pm in the theatre ¬†THIS WEEK!!!
  • Free Dress Day: ¬†Thursday 27 April
  • Student Free¬†day: Friday 28th April
  • Labour Day holiday: Monday 1st May
  • Student Led Conferences ¬†Saturday 6 May
  • International Homeroom Baskets donations due 12 May to homeroom teachers
  • International Family Day: Saturday 20th May