Some Key Dates & Reminders

Hi everyone,

Here’s some information and dates to keep us aware of our final days in grade three:

  • Friday (9th): Dress rehearsal in the morning to practice for end of year concert (EoYC). Nothing required
  • Monday (12th): Dress rehearsal for EoYC at 11am. Nothing required
  • Tuesday (13th): Dress rehearsal for EoYC and watching additional performances all morning before snack. Children MUST bring a long sleeve shirt and pants that are dark with no or minimal labelling. They will leave it overnight to be used again on Wednesday. Children can bring these clothing items in from Monday (12th), if they so wish.
  • Wednesday (14th): On call for our performance. In the afternoon, we will have a GRADE 3 PARTY!!!! We will be swimming (bring swimsuit) and a snack party (bring something to munch on and a drink – no nuts, please). After our swim, students can watch a movie or play games. So, bring in your favourite game that you can play with a pair or group and be ready to share (e.g. Scrabble, Monopoly, etc.). No digital devices/games, please.
  • Thursday (15th): Our last morning together. Bring an extra big bag to take home items. Clean up of items, handing out & signing of yearbooks. Students go home before lunch. This is a Free Dress Day, bring 5 RMB for charity!

Should you have questions, don’t hesitate to email πŸ™‚

G9 Humanities Product Sale for Charity

Dear Parents,
During their Business and Ethics unit, G9 Humanities students have been busy creating product ideas and working in teams to turn these ideas into high quality products. On Wednesday, 7 June, the SSIS community will have a chance to buy the students’ products at the annual Product Sale. The G9 students will sell their products from stalls located in the foyer for 10:30am to 2:05pm. Products will include crafts, stickers, snacks and drinks, and product prices will typically be less than 10 RMB. There will be no products containing nuts or caffeine for sale.Β 
A portion of the profit generated from the Product Sale will be used to buy prizes for the students with the most successful products. The remainder of the profit will be donated to SSIS-designated charities.
Elementary students will have the opportunity to buy the products during the snack and lunch break.Β  If you would like to support this then please send some money to school with your child on the 7th June.

UoI Info – HWOO

Dear parents,

Students, until now, have been learning about various city systems and how they work. They’ve also been involved in activities to learn what to do when certain systems are broken and how to fix them. Last, they’ve been doing some urban planner upskilling on how to connect these systems in a way to better meet people’s needs.

Starting next week, students will be working collaboratively on projects in a problem-based scenario where they will be urban planners/engineers/mayors trying to make their respective cities great again. Students can choose to represent their ideas digitally or in 3D models.

With that, I ask two things of you:

1) Any extra cardboard/tubes/city building materials you may have, send them on in, regardless of whether your child is doing a digital or physical model.

Cardboard City

2) SimCity BuildIt is an EXCELLENT app that consolidates much of our learning in the class. I love it for the literacy-based provocations that arise and end-users must make informed decisions about the long-term sustainability of this city. This is definitely Mr. O approved gaming that I would encourage all students to play beyond the borders of this classroom – with balance, of course. (iOSΒ | Android)

Toys in 3JO

Hello parents,

I’m asking you to please monitor your child and their bringing of toys to school. Lately, well marketed toys are being branded to improve attention. I was open-minded, let them into 3JO, but after a month, I can attest that they do not contribute to any (non-scientific) affordances they claim. Cool toys, however.

Many teachers at SSIS have already called a ban in their classrooms and globally, there are many like-minded thoughts on the issue:Β HERE and HERE

If your child wants to bring them into school, that is fine (for now), however, this will be limited only during play times and NOTΒ in the classroom.

Thanks, in advance, for your support in your child’s learning (and focus) inside the classroom.