End of Year Maths Assessment Board Game

4SH have bravely struggled through end of the year tiredness and created some fantastic board games of their own design.

The brief was to incorporate all of the areas of mathematics that we have studied this year into an innovative and challenging game to play and challenge others teams to complete theirs.

They did a great job!

IMG_4713 IMG_4708 IMG_4705 IMG_4702 IMG_4699


Dragons Den

Dragons Den- Sharing the planet Summative Assessment

This was an opportunity for the students to present their ideas about creating positive change.

Grade 4 students were asked to come up with an idea or action plan to make a positive change to an issue that they identified.

Our guest judges Ms. Renee, Mr. Griffiths, Ms. Anu and Mr. Murray were so impressed as some of the great initiatives, ideas and inventions that our students were able to share today.

Ask your child about their idea for a positive change they want to make happen.



Master of The Nets Grade 4 trip

On Wednesday morning as a provocation for our new Unit of Inquiry  (in which we will study cultures and traditions through the study of the world’s best UNESCO sites) Grade 4 visited one of Suzhou’s most famous sites.

The Master-Of-Nets Garden is one of the four famous gardens in Suzhou, which has  also won the title of UNESCO world cultural heritage site. It was built in Chunxi Year of Southern Song Dynasty (1174 A.D.) and is a private Garden with thousands of collected books.

Whilst there the children enjoyed various cultural activities such as charcoal and chalk sketches of the gardens, a “Scavenger Hunt” and a guided tour from a local expert.
We were very lucky with the weather and an enjoyable and educational morning was had by all.
Perhaps as a family you can talk about famous and beautiful buildings, monuments and environments from your home countries as this will greatly help with upcoming homework and class study.
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Living Museum

Dear Parents,

It was really great to see so many parents and family members coming in to appreciate all the hard work that the children have put into this UOI.

Thank you so much for your support in helping your children to get costumes – they all really looked the part!

We have worked hard on this UOI and will be starting our next – Where We Are in Place & Time (more information to follow shortly) – the following week with out Grade 4 Trip to the Master of the Nets Garden.

It’s been a really great year working with your children and I am sure that our final Unit will be a rich and rewarding experience for all.



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