Installation Art Is Coming Soon!

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Thank you to all Grade 5 artists for their focus and thoughtful voting last week.

The Grade 5 classes will be working together during Art lessons to create three installation art pieces: Erasing Sadness, Comfort and Plastic Forest.

These installation artworks will be exciting challenges for the Grade 5 artists.

5GK started testing out one of the ideas after doing blog reflections on Monday. Check it out on the floor outside the PYP art rooms.

We can’t wait to invite audiences to experience these artworks!

Concert Practice coming up soon

Students will have the opportunity to perform in Miss Sue’s classroom on Friday March 23 at 12.45. If you learn an instrument and would like to perform please let Miss Sue know. The sign up sheet will be outside BS206 very soon. (The current sign up sheet is for G1 and 2).

Students and parents are welcome to come and watch. There is usually a good crowd to support the performers.

‘Africa’ performance at Arts Assembly this Friday

Students have finally experienced singing in a very large group. One hundred and sixty grade 4 and grade 5 students sang the two-part song, ‘Africa’ in rehearsal last Friday. The sound of so many voices was amazing! Miss Foley did ask me if we’d asked the children NOT to smile – not what I wanted to hear! We have been learning that engaging the audience through movement, smiling and singing clearly is all part of being in a choir.

Here are the lyrics and backing track for ‘Africa’ so you can do some last minute practice!


Book fair – Next week

Monday 5th – Friday 9th March – BOOK FAIR (8.00-5.00 daily in foyer)
• Shanghai Book Traders
• Beijing Star Kids
• Students from KG-G5 will be taken to the Book Fair by homeroom teachers
• Students in PN, N and PK will be taken to the Book Fair by their parents

Thursday 8th March – Julia Cook author visit (Grades 1-5 and Parent Session)
• Students from Grade 1 – Grade 5 to attend sessions
• Parent session 2.45 – 3.30 in BS101. All parents welcome –   Julia’s focus for this session will be balancing technology and equipping kids to be successful in the 21st century.

The Installation Art Ideas Are Ready To Share

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Students provided invaluable feedback to their peers this week by working through TAG feedback for each installation art pitch.

T – Tell each group what is good about their idea
A – Ask any questions about the idea
G – Give constructive suggestions for improvement

Next week students will vote for the installation art idea they like best and wish to work together to create.

We look forward to revealing the idea we’ll be proceeding with and will be sure to let you know if we need your help collecting bottles or any other material.

PYPX – How Will You Use Art?

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As students begin their PYP Exhibition journey, please help your child by reminding them of their passions, interests and of all the support they have around them.

As part of the specialist team, it is my pleasure to assist any and all Grade 5 students with any Art questions or needs they may have throughout their PYPX journey.

Students were reminded of this and the many possible ways Art can be a part of the process and conclusion of the Exhibition at a session Art, PE and Music held prior to the CNY Break.

I can’t wait to see what action this years Grade 5’s take to make the world a better place, beginning with the Exhibition project.

Please note: I am creating a PYPX video for SSIS and would love to interview a few Grade 5 parents at 2 or 3 points in the journey. If you would like to volunteer to be asked questions on camera please email to arrange a time.

Exhibition week one!

Welcome back to school, this is the starting week of exhibition!
For the next few weeks 5GK will be asked to do a reflection each night about their exhibition journey based on the following questions:
– What work did your group do today?
– What work did you do in your group today?
– What were the biggest challenges today?
– What successes did you experience today?
– What work do you need to focus on tomorrow?

Other homework for the next few weeks will include spelling, mymaths, khan academy, and a new website that we are trying out called There will also be reading books coming home as usual.

Introducing Inspirational Installation Art

Grade 5 students have begun to investigate installation art. Students were introduced to a number of artworks that used different spaces and materials, had various meanings, and had a range of levels of audience interaction. They have started to record their findings in their sketchbooks and have printed up their favourite examples of installation art to share to put up in the classroom to keep us inspired.

Theme: How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea: Sit specific installation artworks provide audiences with new experiences.

Most recently, Grade 5 students have been busy coming up with an installation art idea of their own. Working individually or in small groups, students are creating a pitch for their installation art idea. All Grade 5 classes will view all pitches after CNY Break and each student will get to vote to decide which idea the grade will make together for exhibition in an SSIS space.

Every pitch must explain the material that will be used, the design that will be created, the location where the artwork will be installed, the message they are trying to send as artists and what the installation artwork will be like for the audience.

Think big Grade 5, I can’t wait to see where your inspiration takes us!

Ideas for home: If you have a smart phone, iPad or camera that your child can use to take photos or video, encourage them to capture any installation artworks they get to experience during the Chinese New Year Break and email them to Ms Kendal.

Plus, if you have experienced any installation artworks in the past, discuss how they made you feel and what you liked about them. This link might help to get the conversation started –