Information for parents information evening

Hi again Parents,
Sorry to overdo the blog posting, but here is the slideshow for the parents information evening this Thursday.
We look forward to seeing you there, as a reminder it will be in CS 309.

Parents evening Grade 5 2017 PDF

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Greetings from the Grade 5 team!

This is the fantastic team for Grade 5 this year!
We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday at the parent meeting.

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Our first music lesson

Grade 5 students enjoyed an easy but busy introduction to Music today. ‘Speak Life’ was an instant hit today.

Speak Life lyrics

Speak Life audio

Students remembered last year’s Grade 5 students singing the Billy Joel song, ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’. It is a catalyst for lots of discussion about world issues. Although it seems impossible to learn all those words, students were trying hard to keep up today! Here it is so you can practise at home.

Video .      We Didn’t Start the Fire w Lyrics

Lyrics only .      We Didn’t Start the Fire

We played a few musical games, clapped some rhythms and went on a mini ‘field trip’. Evelyn Glennie was the focus of this ‘trip’. Her picture is in the music corridor. She is a Scottish virtuoso percussionist who is profoundly deaf.

Evelyn Glennie performing Vivaldi in Hong Kong.


Evelyn Glennie on Sesame Street

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First week work

This week we have been working together to try and remember what all the different elements of the PYP are. This has shown us that there are some things we know, and some things we need to be reminded about. 5GK’s group work has been excellent this week and we are already showing ourselves to be respectful and committed students!

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Homework Grid for Who We Are

This is the homework grid for our first unit of inquiry. Students do not yet have spelling words and have not been to the library so some tasks may have to wait for a few days before they can be done. I will be talking with the kids about this homework sheet next week.

Homework grid, WWA, PDF

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Grade 5 unit of inquiry letter

Dear Parents,
This is the first unit of inquiry letter which will give you some detail on what we are working on during the next five weeks.
Please email me if you have any questions.

First unit letter 2017-18

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5GK timetable

This is the Grade 5 timetable for the year showing when single subject lessons will be and when we will be in homeroom.
During homeroom time we may be working on any part of the curriculum, but generally there will be a regular structure to lessons.


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Welcome to Grade 5GK!!

Welcome to the Grade 5GK blog!! This will be the one-stop shop for all communication between the class and home. I will be posting regular updates and photos to this page, please feel free to post comments and thoughts if you would like to.
We are looking forward to a great year in Grade 5, it’s sure to be a very busy year!

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