Spelling homework for this week

1. Use objects from your room to create ten of your spelling words. Take a photo of each word using your laptop
2. Create a simple code and write your words using that code. Someone else in class will use your key to work out your spelling words on Friday
3. Write your words in alphabetical order
4. Practice test your words, write any mistakes out 5 times each

The giving tree project

Dear Parents,

We need your help! The Giving Tree, one of our school-wide charity projects, is back. This project aims to provide migrant children with a gift bag with winter clothes, school supplies and a small present. To learn more about the project and sign up to fill a bag, please complete this 2-question survey before October 24th. Thank you!

English: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9ZF236G
Chinese: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XDR6HPF
Korean: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/385KLZH


On behalf of the Giving Tree service group

Book week information from Ms Hunt

“Fall into Your Wonderland with a Book”

阅读周2017 10月23-27日 “沉浸于书的仙境中”
“독서 주간 2017 10월 23-27일 “책과 함께 동화의 나라에 빠져 보세요”

Dear Parents,

Book Week will be celebrated from 23rd – 27th October and we would like to let you know about activities we have planned during this week.
독서 주간은 10월 23 – 27일이고 이 주간의 행사 활동을 소개 드리겠습니다.

BOOK FAIR – Obido and Shanghai Book Traders
Monday – Friday 8.00 am – 5.00 pm in the Foyer
Students from KG – Grade 5 will be taken to the fair by homeroom teachers. Younger children will need to be accompanied by parents.
Everyone welcome to attend.

图书集市 — 欧贝豆和上海外文图书有限公司
KG及Grade 1 – Grade 5的学生将由班级老师统一带领去书展 。

도서전 – Obido and Shanghai Book Traders
월요일 – 금요일 오전 8:00 – 오후 5:00 로비
KG – 5학년은 학급 선생님께서 도서전에 데리고 갑니다. 유아부는 부모님과 동행 하여야 합니다. 모든 분의 참여를 환영합니다.

STORYTELLER – Elaine Muray
All classes from PreN – Grade 5 will attend a storytelling session either Monday or Thursday.

此次邀请到讲故事的作家是:Elaine Muray
PreN – Grade 5所有学生将于周一或周二参与作家讲故事活动

작가 – Elaine Muray
PreN – 5학년의 모든 학급은 월요일 또는 목요일의 작가 이야기 시간에 참석합니다.

All elementary students are encouraged to dress as a “book character” on Friday 27th October.
8.30 – 9.00
Grade 1 – Grade 5 students go on a gallery walk through the secondary corridors lined with MS students.
KG – Grade 5 students go on a book character hunt in class groups.
Pre-Nursery-Grade 5 book character parade in the elementary gym. Parents are welcome to attend.

Grade 1- Grade 5学生将会与中学部学生一起走过中学部的长廊
KG – Grade 5的学生将以班级为单位进行寻找故事人物的游戏
Pre-Nursery-Grade 5的学生将在小学体育馆中进行书中角色大游行。

이야기 속 캐릭터 사냥과 퍼레이드
10월 27일 금요일에 등교시 모든 초등부 학생에게 이야기 속 캐릭터 분장을 권장합니다.
8.30 – 9.00
1 – 5학년 학생들은 중고등부 복도에서 중등부 학생과 함께 퍼레이드를 합니다.
유치부 – 5학년은 학급 단위로 이야기 속 캐릭터 사냥을 합니다.
유아부 – 5학년 학생들은 초등부 체육관에서 이야기 속 캐릭터 퍼레이드를 합니다. 학부모님의 참여를 환영합니다.

Other activities include:
Reading Around the World in class groups
Redesigning book covers
Mother tongue reading in the library at lunchtimes
Selfie to shelfie guessing competition for students
Buddy reading


다른 활동들은:
학급 단위로 독서로 세계일주 책 표지 디자인 만들기
점심시간에 도서관에서 모국어 독서 셀피로 셀피를 추리하는 시합 친구의 동화 듣기

Field trip to the Shanghai Jewish Refugees museum

This week we had an excellent trip to the Shanghai Jewish Refugees museum. There were plenty of interesting things to look at and learn about and this has given the students an excellent real life example of a migration for our unit of inquiry.

Reading in 5GK

In class we are practicing reading with partners to improve our fluency and use of our voice when reading out loud. We have talked about how important it is to use punctuation, emphasis, and pacing when reading out loud.
To support this try and find time to listen to your child read their book at home, it may be just one or two chapters but will really help support their fluency.

Message regarding ECA from Mr Murray

Dear Parents,

There are 2 undersubscribed ECA’s for Grade 4 and grade students on a Tuesday afternoon – beginning after the October break.
Chinese Checkers and Mural Design.
This notice is simply alerting you to the fact that we will keep these open until 10am tomorrow morning. Please register through powerschool in the normal way if you are interested. All information on the courses are contained with powerschool.

Get off your soapbox!

5KN and 5KS joined together for singing this morning. A growing number of students can remember the lyrics for the ‘Attitude’ Rap and Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’. ‘Eleanor Rigby’ by The Beatles has proved a thought-provoking song for the students – we are thinking about the meanings of the lyrics. Does Eleanor Rigby really put on a face ‘that she keeps in a jar by the door’? Each phrase in the song has a meaning that the children are thinking about.

In the Ed Sheeran song, ‘What Do I Know’, we looked at some words we didn’t know, including ‘soapbox’. Learning songs is a wonderful way to increase your vocabulary as well think more deeply about the world!

Here is the wikipedia definition of ‘soapbox’. We will discuss this again next lesson! Interesting how blogs can be seen as modern day soapboxes!