Reminders for Tuesday 13th June

Five students from our class are interested in playing Recorder Rock at the end of year concert.

Ms Sue wants you to bring your recorder tomorrow.

Don’t forget!

Recorder pic


Choir members please be in the Theatre for the start of rehearsal at 8.30am tomorrow and at 11.00am on Wednesday for the Concert


Dear Students and Parents of Grade 5,
We are coming to the end of a very busy year in Grade 5. To celebrate the hard work and growth of our students we would like to have a celebration day on the final day of school.
We will have a free swim for the grade in the morning, please bring along swimming gear and towels.
Between break and home time we will have activities in each class, there will be a movie, yearbook signing, hang out room, and a room with shared food. We are asking students to bring a small food item to share, we would prefer this to be a healthy option snack please. Drinks will be supplied.
Thanks to the parents for their continued support through the year.
Grade 5 teachers.