Barbara And Justine’s Poetry Presentation

Justine and Barbara decided to team up together to do their Poetry Presentation as they both had the same poem.

They both worked well together making props of the different seasons to help with telling the poem.

It was great how you worked out who was going to do which part.

Wonderful team work.

Charles Poetry Performance

This afternoon Charles presented his poem called; Easter Surprise

Charles and a few friends last week designed a background setting. They got a box and cut open the sides and then painted is blue and green to show the ground and sky. They also painted a sun and the name of the poem.

Charles brought in different Easter eggs from home to help with enhancing the poem.

Well done on creating a background to help with your performance.

Olivia’s Poetry Performance

This afternoon Olivia performed her poem called; Spring Is Here

It was great to see you bring in a nice spring time dress to help enhance your poem

You did a wonderful job of making sure to look at the audience.

Wonderful work Olivia. We can tell you have been practicing at home. Keep up the hard work.

Emily’s Poetry Presentation.

Today Emily presented her poem called ‘All of Me’

After a couple of students presented their poem Emily chose to create some props to help with her poem.
She made a picture of a mouth, eyes, feet, hands, lips and arms

She did a great job and after watching the first video she decided she needed to be a bit louder when speaking.

Well done Emily!

Carolin And Giovanna’s Poetry Presentation

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Over the last couple of weeks Carole and Giovanna have been making a stage with a setting to help with their presentation for their poem.

Carolin wanted to have a stage for the props she had brought in from home. She got a big box and with help from Miss Kelly cut the box to the correct shape.

Then Giovanna and Carolin painted the box black. Once it was dry they put stars on the back. Carolin said they should hang the moon so she came up with a plan on how to make it hang.

Both the girls have done a wonderful job working as team and putting the ideas into action.

Well done!

Shared Reading Experience With Aude

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Justine brought in a beautiful story book that she got from Santa to share with the class. It is written in French and as a class we said it would be wonderful to hear the story.

So Justine asked on our behalf if her Mum -Aude come read it to the class. So over the last four Wednesday’s Aude has given up her time to read the story in French then she took the time to translate into English so we knew what the story was about.

Aude you did a fantastic job and I admire all of the families in the way you are able to communicate in more than one language. Something that I can not do!

It has been wonderful to hear the story in your native language and the children were engaged and wanted to find out what next each time you came. As a follow up the students are creating there own zoo with different animals.

主题:端午节 The Dragon Boat Festival




The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. This week, we read the book “the Dragon Boat Festival”, to understand the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival customs, know the Dragon Boat Festival is on the fifth of May(the lunar calendar ). People will eat rice dumplings, hang up the special grass, wear sachets and do dragon boat racing.

The children are very interested in the story of qu yuan, the dragon boat race is full of curiosity. So, we made hands-on paper dragon boats. If parents have time this weekend, please take children to Jin Ji lake to watch the dragon boat racing game!

I wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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