Welcome to the SSIS Elementary School

This checklist will help you find the information you need and check that you have completed any school tasks.

The following tasks are through our online parent DragonNet pages

  1. Log into DragonNet (You will receive your log in details the day after your child starts)
  2. Access the Parent Handbook
  3. Access and Explore the Parent DragonNet pages
  4. Find information about our uniform service
  5. Find information about our canteen service

The following tasks are through our student management system PowerSchool.

  1. Create your PowerSchool account in the Public Portal
  2. In the PowerSchool Public Portal read and sign the:
    • Elementary Code of Conduct
    • Elementary Responsible Use of Technology Agreement
    • Elementary Swim Permission
    • Elementary Local Trip Permission
  3. Video Tutorials

Subscribe to the:

  1. Subscribe to the class blog
  2. Subscribe to the school calendar –¬† (and click on the RSS icon) Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 10.28.22

Other Tasks

  1. Read and sign the Bus Code of Conduct and return to Elementary office (Given during orientation)
  2. ES Homework Pamphlet – Contains information about our homework expectations
  3. Elementary Map
  4. Check out our Learning Hub extra curricular activities
  5. Read about Learning Technology for PreN-G4
  6. Read about Learning Technology for G5-12


Access grade level curriculum pamphlet and welcome letter (See above menus)

Read the grade level welcome letter (See above menus)

Grade 5 Only

Fill in the World Language form and return to the homeroom teacher (Given during orientation)


Fill in the class t-shirt order and return to the homeroom teacher (In the grade tab)