Last day of school



Thank  you for an amazing school year!

We are stronger and absolutely ready for Kindergarten:)!

THURSDAY – HALF DAY ! Please refer to our today’s information email!:)



Great Celebration to come

Dear Crocodile Parents,

We are very excited to remind you that on 14th WEDNESDAY – please make sure you are seated in some photo convenient rows in our theater:)  – 2nd or 3rd should be good:)

Wednesday 14 June Elementary ‘End of Year’ concert.

Please come to watch us perform. We suggest you are seated in the theatre by 11:00 a.m. It is a popular end of year event and you will want the best seat in the house to watch us perform, ‘STRONGER’

For our performance your child will need to wear their homeroom t-shirt (monkey/crocodile). They are also required to wear their blue uniform shorts if they are a boy and blue uniform shorts, skirt, or leggings if they are a girl.

Following the concert you are invited to join us in the classroom. The children will be served a small lunch and we invite parents to also contribute with a plate of party food (savory or sweet) drinks.

Lunch will be 12:30 – 1:00

Playtime for the children will be 1:00 – 1:30 (goodbye to parents time) or you may choose to take your child home

if you state that they are a bit too tired to stay.

Thursday 15 June

Last day of school. School finishes at 12:00

Children may wear free dress.
Please inform us if your child will be leaving for holidays early so we can prepare portfolios etc. Report cards will be available online on Thursday, 15 June 2017.

Kind regards,

Ms. Anna and Ms. Jo



中文课上的学习活动 Chinese learning engagement

June 5-June 9






We had a story called ‘Happy summer’. From the story, children were able to find the insects and animals in summer. We also discussed what do we like to do in summer.

Reading: ‘go to the supermarket’

Review Rhymes: ‘Animals’

Song: ‘Old Mr. Wang had a farm’

中文课上的学习活动 Chinese learning engagement

May 31-June 2




We shared an information book titled‘dragonfly’. Children got some information from the book. They know what the dragonflies look like and what their habits are.

Reading: ‘Where is the cat’

Rhymes: ‘Animals’



中文课上的学习活动 Chinese learning engagement

May 22-May 26





We told the story of ‘Ant’s birthday’ and ‘Insects’, the children through listening to stories, understand the characteristics of the shape and structure of insects, which is able to distinguish the insects, which are not insects. Children sorted pictures as insects and no insects.

Reading: ‘It is raining’

Rhymes: ‘Bee’

Song: ‘Ants carry beans’


Busy Bees -and a peek into our learning…

 Experts say:

Type of situation: Your child shows you something he or she’s made

You are tempted to say: ‘ I love what you painted1 The colours you used are great!’

IT IS BETTER TO SAY: ‘That is a great start!’, ‘How you like it?’ ‘Do you think it is your best effort?’

This approach: – helps your child reflect on whether his work measures up to his / her expectations


SELF-ESTEEM comes form working hard toward a goal and feeling good about it. So while it is important to praise your child , it is even more meaningful if she/he learns to appreciate his/her own effort and its result.

We wish you were there!

中文课上的学习活动 Chinese learning engagement

May 15-May 19





We shared an information book called‘Bee’. Children got some information from the book. They know what the bees look like and what their habits are.

Reading: ‘Big and small’

Song: ‘The bumble bees’

Visited the Fairmont farm


中文课上的学习活动 Chinese learning engagement

May 8-May 12





We had a lesson based on the tale ‘Three butterflies’. The children watched a video of this story. We used specific phrases from the video to enable the children to accurately retell the tale.

Reading: ‘What is monkey doing’

Review Song: ‘Iris’

Review Rhymes: ‘Little goldfish’