5.0 Documentation / Records

5.01 Procedures for Students Leaving SSIS

Students Leaving SSIS Permanently

Families intending to leave SSIS must advise the school as soon as they are aware of this. Leave and Clearance Forms can be collected from the Admissions Office.

The Leave Form is completed online or collected from the Admissions Office, The paper form must be filled out, signed and dated by a parent, then submitted to the Admissions Office. Any other type of withdrawal notices, verbal or written will not be accepted.

The Clearance Form must be signed by the appropriate teachers when returning textbooks, library books and materials and signed by the Homeroom Teacher, Head of Grade, and Principal and submitted to the Finance Office. Please refer to 10.0 Financial for refund of fees and deposit/s.

If a student is leaving the school permanently, he/she is entitled to receive a letter stating the dates of attendance at the school. Should the student’s next school require any additional information about attendance or performance, SSIS will provide this information directly to the new school upon request.

If the student leaves SSIS permanently during the first semester, the school may provide a written report card giving all details of performance up to that date. If the student leaves SSIS permanently during the second semester, the parents may use the report card given at the end of the first semester as the record of achievement. In addition, if the student leaves SSIS permanently after the Labour Day Break, the parents will receive a report card giving a record of performance up to the date of leaving. Ten business days written notice is required so that an accurate report of progress can be completed.

All documents and records will only be released when the student has returned all borrowed books and equipment to the school, and all required payments have been made to the school. In addition, Secondary School students are required to complete a check-out form to ensure that all items are returned.

Students Leaving SSIS early for Non-Permanent Reasons

Students leaving early for non-permanent reasons (such as a holiday or early return to the home country) will receive the report card at the standard time for reports being released as indicated on the year calendar. The reports will not be prepared or issued earlier. This report card can be collected from school when the student returns or can be posted if an address is provided by the parent.

5.02 Report Card and Exam Procedures for Students Joining SSIS

The above procedure applies to all students attending SSIS with the following exceptions: Students joining SSIS less than eight weeks prior to the end of a semester will not receive a full written report. Depending on the student’s date of enrollment they may receive a shorter report card giving some details of the initial performance of the student and how they have settled into their new school environment.

Students joining SSIS less than four weeks prior to the end of the semester and prior to the formal school exams will also take the exams set unless the exam is in a subject not previously studied by the student. These exams will not be used as a formal assessment of the student’s performance. The marks and scores will not appear on the report card unless deemed appropriate by the teacher and Principal.

Students on extended absence from SSIS

Students taking extended absence (eight weeks or more) from school during a semester may not receive a report for that semester. Students who are absent for between four and eight weeks will receive reports, but those reports may be incomplete if, in the judgement of the subject teacher, there is insufficient evidence to support criterion or subject grades.

5.03 Secondary School Transcripts

Commencing in Grade 6, SSIS will produce a standard official transcript of marks for all students if requested when students leave the school. Grade 12 students who graduate will be provided with a copy of their non-official transcript after final examination marks are available in July. They will also receive 10 official sealed transcripts when they graduate.

Requests for transcripts must be submitted in writing and require 10 business days to complete. Courier or mailing costs are the responsibility of the parents.